Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY

Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY


Body Shaping For Women Gains Popularity

Body Shaping For Women Gains Popularity

To the casual observer, body shaping has long been an area dominated by men. Body shaping for women – for personal, medical and professional reasons – is a relatively new interest but one gaining a great deal of modern popularity. Although women have remained a larger, more dominant market for the fitness and wellness industry – where every celebrity has either penned a book or shot their own fitness video, they have only recently took an interest in body shaping.

The reason many women have avoided body shaping in the past is due to the misconception that the workouts will transform them into a freakish shemale type creature, sure, there are women now involved in professional body building where drug induced exorbitant gains of muscle mass has transformed the commonly acceptable view of the female shape. However, body shaping for women does not necessarily incorporate the same philosophies as body building.

When A Woman 
Shapes Up 
She Becomes, 
More Of A Women

Let me introduce you 
to my little friend...

 The Kettle Bell 

The #1 Fat Burning tool 

(but only if in the hands of a properly train individual)

When used correctly, Kettle Bell exercises BURN THE MOST FAT. These exercise wonders, originally from Russia, have one outstanding advantage over any Dumb Bells or Olympic Bar workouts, Treadmill Training, Step classes, Medicine Ball workouts, Kick Box classes, The Exercise Bike, Jump Rope sessions name it..!  
That advantage is called 
Natural Movement Continuous Dynamic
Here at 
it's about empowering our Clients through correct information you can create more health, have more fun and get in-shape without wasting time, money and effort

We'll teach you the 'HOW'. 
We explain the 'WHY'. 
We tell you WHEN to start, and WHEN to stop! you know when to focus, and when to take it easy (and what to do while you 'take it easy), in a nutshell: You'll know what you're doing, you'll NEVER be bored, and every minute is being used to create significant results for your investment.
Here's your Official BODY-SHAPING SCHOOL
Foundational Personal Power Plan TM
1)  Prepare
2)  Train, 
3)  Monitor
4)  Fine tune
5)  Celebrate
6)  Set your next goal 
The 5 Myths

Myth #1 - You Have To 'Chug-out' Cardio In The Morning On An Empty Stomach In Order To Burn Fat
In fact, most modern trainers use Interval Training instead of slow, boring cardio to support their client's fast fat burning results. Plus, who wants to be doing boring cardio at 6am while their stomach is rumbling?

Myth #2 - You Have to Do Cardio in the Fat Burning Zone
Exercising in the fat burning 'Zone' is a half truth myth. Actually you only burn a few more calories than if you were doing 'comfort cardio'. Boring cardio workouts are NOT the best way to lose belly fat. If you truly want to create flat abs, or a 6 pack, you need to use Short Burst Exercise (SBE aka Intervals).

Myth #3 - You Have to Do Cardio 7 Days Per Week
Here at The BODY-SHAPING SCHOOL we don't recommend Clients to Cardio Condition everyday.  The truth is, you only need to do 3 Cardio workouts per week of 45 minutes to maintain your top form.

Myth #4 - You Have to Do Cardio for at Least 20 Minutes Before You Start Burning Fat
Did you know, we*re burning fat all the time, even while you sit here and read this blog.? Sure, exercise (activity) increases fat burning, but it's not as though the first 20 minutes of any workout isn't burning fat.Once again, think! Short, Burst Exercise will help you achieve more fat loss in less than half the time than regular cardio workouts.

Myth #5 - You Can*t Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time
Scientific research and my experience says, "Yes, you can!" A recent study found that men and women can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time if they use Short, Burst Exercise, this will help you boost your strength, raise your metabolism, and burn belly fat. Here at The BODY-SHAPING SCHOOL we specialize in teaching Holistic Programs that produce significant fat loss via strength training and minimal cardio.

A custom-planned and personalized body shaping for women workout will result in a pleasing, toned, fat free appearance enhancing a woman’s beauty. An extra advantage from a custom designed exercise and diet program is increased health, a positive boost in confidence, while helping improve a woman’s self esteem. There have been many movies going back to the 1970s when present-day California Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar helped popularize the sport of men’s body building. The 70s also saw a change in attitudes toward just what women could participate in while pursuing their daily dreams. 
The once taboo areas confined to only male participation began to be examined and crossed by women, including participation in body shaping.
Although body shaping is the key goal for professional women’s body building, that same goal often, is not associated with the need to live a healthier life. Here at The BODY-SHAPING SCHOOL TM, participation in our body shaping for women programs will NOT incorporate the same components as either a women’s body building regimen or even that of a man’s body shaping program.
You gotta have a dream 
...then size up your situation
Women, not to mention a lot of men, prefer the more commonly acceptable version of a woman's shape. This also includes the maximum amount of muscle on her frame. Women who employ muscle enhancing steroids will, indeed, start taking on a male-like appearance and mannerisms due to the levels of testosterone present.

Testosterone is not naturally present in a woman’s body in large amounts 

The BODY-SHAPING SCHOOL Programs will NEVER include any kind of steroid use

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The Premier Holistic Workout Service
Today's Women Have Unique Needs
Most women are seeking a better toned, stronger and more efficient body. Looking attractive to the opposite sex has long been a goal sought by both men and women. Since both men and women enjoy the traditional female look, any body shaping for women program will concentrate on transforming those body areas needing improvement rather than a general concept of developing greater body mass.
Builds Many Values
The revolution is in CONSCIOUSNESS, not in DOING.  
Change your consciousness from "Breaker" to "Mender" 
and ALL your actions will change.

Las Vegas
The Premier Holistic Workout Service

Body shaping for women also helps you to deal with 
the every-day stresses we face in our 'modern' world
The actual physical aspect of any workout helps relieve the tension of the day while helping increase one’s healthy outlook. If a woman is seeing the results from her workout program, both in her physique and in our mental state, motivation to continue is greatly enhanced too. The social benefits are many ...with increased confidence and self esteem, any participant in a  structured body shaping Program will handle adversity, whether in the workplace, a business meeting or in the home, at more efficient levels than if always tired, impatient and always feeling sluggish due to a dis-empowering diet and poor activity choices.
As always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program or changing your diet.
If YOU have decided 
let us know... 
We'll make sure 
get started right
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intro workout
PLUS optional
Bone-Density Test 
Body-Fat % Test
Hydration Test
Were really looking forward 
to your for your visit

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