Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY

Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY


The Magic Formula To Losing Weight

YES...There actually IS
a Magic Formula
To Losing Weight

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For those who are reguler readers and FOLLOW The PETEtheTRAINER Blog, you know by now, that interval training, is the key to truly successful cardio, meaning want to burn fat and keep your hard earned muscle.

If you're serious about your training, you already use some kind of intervals for complete fitness and take your workouts to the next level at every chance you get. One minute hard, one minute recovery right? Well, yes, but also NO. As with anything training and fat loss related, true success comes from keeping your body on 'it's toes' ...mixing things up. And while 'minute-on, minute-off' style cardio is certainly far better than endurance training for fat loss, (holding the intensity level for extended lengths of time)

...if you want to get lean without wasting time, money and effort, you'll need to understand the Professional way of doing Cardio. What we've just talked about so far today, is really just a starting point.

And if you're doing 'minute-on, minute-off' Cardio, over and over it's a cert your body is sick of it. Which means it ain*t gonna be working as well as it once did, and you ain't incinerating much body-fat, if any.


So let's take a look at exactly what ideal interval training is. Well, for starters, true interval training is officially known as High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT for short. Professional quality HIIT sure isn't just any old back and forth on the treadmill while you change tunes on your iPod and check out the latest tanned talent. This IS professional stuff, guaranteed to supercharge your cardio and help you burn 'tons' of fat, fast..!

Here's How It Works

There are a few key elements that make HIIT stand out from regular interval training, and the reason for this is the end goal (to maintain a higher anaerobic state for as much total cumulative time as possible).

A typical HIIT workout would contain the following elements:

CORRECT TIME - HIIT training must last absolutely no longer than 20 minutes (extra time for warming up and cooling down is okay)
...a beginner HIIT workout might have as little as 4-6 minutes total 'work time', and an advanced HIIT workout might have up to a 50/50 ratio or beyond.

MUSCLE RECRUITMENT STYLE - HIIT training uses as many muscle groups as possible.

NOTE: When you really give these kind of workouts your heart and soul, you absolutely, should NOT be doing consecutive days.

You'll need at least one day in between all out sessons.
Only repeat a (certain) HIIT program (see below) for a maximum of 6 weeks. Any longer and your body will start to adapt, so take a week or so off from this style of cardio, and then come back with a fresh HIIT program.

This Is HOW to put your own HIIT Together

If the end goal is to perform as much total anaerobic exercise as possible then it stands to reason that your rest times will be increasingly reduced as you advance through your HIIT programs. As a beginner, you might start out with 6-8 repetitions of 30-second sprints, with up to 90 seconds rest in between. After a week or so you'll notice you don't really need that much rest, and you can gradually reduce down to a 50/50 ratio. If you've never really worked hard at your intervals before, then this is the ideal place to start for your first 6 week block, and will also massively boost your overal fitness and mood.

Taking things to the NEXT LEVEL

Once you've built a HIIT foundation you will have obviously further increased your fitness, it's also the point at which you'll really start to chow through the body fat. You'll be completely using up your energy with this style of training, so be sure to give yourself adequate rest between workouts. Try starting out with 60-second work periods and at least 2 minutes rest time. As before, gradually reduce your rest time until it's a 50/50 ratio. Remember do not to go beyond 20 minutes total work time, but also be sure to warm up with Parameters TM and stretch out afterwards. The sky is really the limit here, as you can obviously increase your work intensity even once you've decreased the rest time as far as possible.


This is where things get really interesting - we actually start to drop your rest time lower than your work time. Yep, it's intense, it's a little bit scary, it's not for the unmotivated, it's bound to get your lungs screaming, but it really does blast away the fitness cobwebs like nothing on earth ...and as you can imagine'll be burning fat like crazy. When you come to this stage it's wise to reduce your total work time to as low as 10 minutes until you gradually become accustomed to the higher intensity - or you just might find yourself wiping the floor
with, well, yourself.
Try starting with 60 seconds work time and 40 seconds rest, and gradually increase the intensity as you cutback first, the work time, and then the 'resting' element. Don't forget your gym towel - you're gonna need it!

Have you already tried 'HIIT' training ?
What's your preferred approach?
Where do you think you could make some changes to maximize your results?

LIFE's about dis-covery, RIGHT?

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