Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY

Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY


What's Your Goal? ...The 7 SECRETS to SUCCESS

Part 1 of What's Your Goal?

Ask the average person "Do you have goals?" and you get... "Oh yea ...Lots"
or "...Err...well, I'm still working ON my goals!"
...These are typical quip replies I hear.

Seems the average person THINK they know about goals, but based on results...
...after all where does one go to learn to Understand the basic principles involved..!

So what I'm really asking about is "Have you created any Goal Result Updates?"

Whether we are aware of it or not, we've actually been 'making' goals since the day we were born. Some have it down to a fine art and have become masters at Goal Setting and achieving success ...and some, are just, stuck at the list making stage, and aren't able to enjoy the fruits of their dreams and aspirations.
Today's post is designed to empower those that might be stuck and need some help clarifying and focusing on their Goal Creating Skills.

When I hear the kinds of reactive answers like the couple above, it usually means, they need help with 'polishing up' their 'Goal Activation' skills, least that's how MY 'Personal Trainer' brain dissects the situation. After all, who doesn't want to be successful in life? ...Yea... there are some negative individuals who choose otherwise... well ...the way I look at it is, in life nothing stands still're either spiralling up or you're spiralling down. Choose!

WHAT IS A GOAL? A Goal is a tool. When a Goal is activated correctly's a powerful way to make some thing happen. When done incorrectly, it's just another power-draining way to clutter up your life, so you end up further away from what you want
...just another example of what I call Stinkin' Thinking.


A) SOLID (meaning, Fully Activated - REALIZED /Written down and displayed and read daily)

B) FLOATING (Semi Activated - meaning, written somewhere, but NOT displayed or read daily)

C) VAGUE (Partially Activated - meaning, somewhere in the back of my mind)

FOR A GOAL TO BECOME 'SOLID' it needs to be PROCLAIMED (written as a positive statement of action) so it CAN become ACTIVATED ...this means your 'Wish', ...'Hope', ...'Desire' etc has changed to a intended action. The fact that you have written it down means you have now proclaimed your intention simultaneously creating a 'cause' out to the Universe. (Cause & Effect) By writing it down, you have automatically taken the first step toward accomplishment. It's now on it's way to becoming a REALIZED Goal.


1) You must have a 'Wish', 'Hope', 'Desire' etc (...that's easy, right?)

2) Your 'Wish', 'Hope', 'Desire' etc must be BELIEVABLE TO YOU.

3) Your 'Wish', ...'Hope', ...'Desire' etc must be WRITTEN DOWN so you can read it daily to your sub-conscious mind.

4) You must HAVE LEVERAGE other words you must have a compelling reason to come out of your comfort zone. This is also known as passion or burning desire!!!

5) You must have a TRACK-ABLE TIME-LINE other words you must have a structured way of measuring your progress each 'do-able' step along the way.

6) You must have AN ESTABLISHED GRADUATION DATE & TIME other words you must have an imagined time when you are going to stand in front of the mirror a say " WOW! Look at that ...Yes I struggled, yes I put in hours of sweat, BUT I never gave up ...I FEEL so proud of what I have accomplished!

7) In order to use your full potential for success you must have a SUPPORT SYSTEM IN PLACE & SWITCHED ON other words you must have a way of dealing with the setbacks, side-tracks and do-do that's gonna come up, and mess with your plans. This can be a belief system, support from a mentor, family and friends, a magazine subscription etc. My council to you is, enrol the services of a proven, street smart, experienced Personal Trainer who can guide and educate you, so you learn via empowerment, not by pain. So expect the 'goal gremlins' and prepare to tackle them from the side.


Get your day planner out...

write down 3 wishes you'd like to turn into GOALS

Part 2 of What's Your Goal? ...coming soon!

Check back tomorrow

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