Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY

Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY



For some it's just too overwhelming to even think about leaving their comfort zone, let alone stepping foot in a gym

This is a huge problem in America (no pun intended) and it's a product of our learned, comfort craving focus.
Honest, healthy rigor has been swept under the mat, as if it's something nasty that should be avoided. The advertizing media must share a large proportion of responsibility for this 'cranus anus' slant on this situation and the spin put on the truth which gives a distorted awareness of how to remedy 'common' ailments that are decimating our nation.
Diabetes, Stroke, Deep vein thombosis, heart attack, anourism, Anger, poor memory, low energy, poor sleep ...even crime can be traced back to a 'low quality' life-style.
The 'Negative' list is vast and wide, and the powers that be, of course turn a blind eye when it comes to 'the bottom line', this is what happens, when your focus is manly on growing an economy, instead of growing people.
If you fall out of harmony with life is NOT very forgiving
If you neglect to maintain a high level of health & fitness you soon start to feel and look negative. The frustrating and dangerous situation is many are completely unaware of this ticking time bomb.
In life, you're either spiraling up, or spiralling down, nothing stands still (this is one of the problems with certain drugs, they give you the illusion of time standing still).

Is health & fitness a priority for you or not at this moment?
...or are you numbing your pains and responsibilities with sugar, pain medication or generated drama?
For a hassle free life, a health & fitness priority has to be up there with your most important priorities, because your 'life condition' literaly hangs in the balance
...for some, the actual fact that they are alive depends on this particular priority STARTING TODAY ...Is this you too?

If you wanna change, you gotta get your head on straight
You have to schedule exercise into your day just like you schedule a business meeting, and just like a business meeting - make it a priority. Schedule 'me time' (exercise) then 'practice' keeping your word to yourself by keeping 'your appointment' and doing your chosen exercise.
Do this 30 times and you'ved changed your lifestyle. When to workout is a matter of personal preference. You may like to swim at noon, or ride a stationary bike while reading reports at night. Others love their 6 am regenerative strength training sessions and others much prefer end of the day workouts.

If you want to get fit & healthy and NOT have
your dream of having a kick-ass body kicked to the curb
my council to you is:
Always remember
The 30 RULE

it goes like this:
It takes 30 attempts to learn somthing new, well.
It takes 30 correct repetitions to become skillful.
It takes 30 days to make it a habit
It takes 30 weeks to make it a lifestyle
It takes 30 years to obtain mastery

~ Keep your purpose in the front of your mind (meaning: why you're doing this).
~ Keep your short term check-point goals on your mind (write it down, say out loud every day).
~ Keep your goal in the back of your mind (your long term ultimate victory)
~ Turn down the negative voice sitting on your shoulder (or just flick it off)

~ Remember boredom is the enermy and optimism is your reliable friend
~ Create your own luck (by knowing that, when opportunity meets preparation you naturally create it)
~ Expect Gremlins (stuff's gonna come up, don't worry, just keep your head down and keep going)
...and MOST important ~ Start TODAY
Let me know if you have questions ^P.

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