Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY

Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY




but for some this is


* Learning HOW to build a lean, athletic body, with just the right amount of muscle that anyone of any age would admire is what most inquiring, potential Clients desire.

I realize not everyone is interested in bodybuilding. In fact, some people are turned off by it. Can't blame them, I suppose. - Bodybuilding at the competition level - is freaky.
When you see a very developed physic that's all shaved and shiny Yes! it sure ain't 'normal' looking or 'feeling' to the touch ...or to the owner ...BUT that's the idea!
The discipline
required borders on crazy, self-sacrifice and you could even say
that the 'whole thing'
is somewhat of an odd subculture.

This amazing woman's development

was no accident

This takes a lifestyle dedication

However, "
body building" does not necessarily mean getting oiled up, pumped up and posing onstage in front of a crowd. Bodybuilding is a chosen lifestyle, not a competition.

I do believe that competition serves an important purpose... It's a
tool to bring out the best in you... but the competition side of bodybuilding is not required to reap all the benefits.

The minute you pick up a weight and lift it, you are "building your body", increasing your lean body mass.
You have taken
the first step towards turning back the age clock... and that makes you a "body builder."

I cannot stress how much of an impact this can make on your life!

Most exercise physiologists agree that strength training can give
you a 10 year drop in your biological age - minimum!
Nothing else can guarantee you such a dramatic reversal in the effects of aging... and notice that I didn't say "delay" or "reduction" in the effects of aging ...notice I said "REVERSAL!"

Look and see for yourself some of the scientifically- verifiable benefits of strength training:

* Increased strength

* Increased lean muscle mass

* Increased resting metabolic rate

* Decreased
Body Fat
* Improved insulin sensitivity

* Reduced risk of diabetes

* Increased HDL cholesterol

* Increased bone density

* Increased natural growth hormone
* Increased natural testosterone
* Improved psychological well-being and self-esteem

nd this just a partial list.

When you combine a strength training program with just the right amount of cardiovascular training, add a supportive nutrition program and have the right mental attitude, you can totally transform your life.

Even the mass media is now saying,
"50 is the new 30".

From what I see in and around the gyms and health food stores, 70 is the new 30!

Mark my words, it won't be long before muscles, six pack abs and optimal health at age 80 will be commonplace and 120-130 year life spans will be the norm for those who understand the truth and practice it ...and the truth is not found in drugs, pills, injections or "anti aging clinics", it's found in the gym - STRUCTURED STRENGTH and CARDIO WORKOUTS

Let me close this section with the words of Dr. Judd Biasiotto, one of my favorite inspirational writers, a sports psychologist, legendary powerlifter and a man who won the Natural National body building championships at the age of 50:

"I hate this thing we call age.
You're too young for this, or you're
too old for that.
We are governed by this thing called age. It's crazy.
We have these primitive, categorical notions about people who are in their teens or over 40.
People are treated as if they are
prehistoric creatures. Worse yet, many people that age, act like they are prehistoric. When they hit their 70's, they think they are dead. It's sick. How many times have you heard someone say, "I'm too old to get in shape? I'm over the hill." Who says? Try getting in shape just once and see how you feel. Age is nothing more than a number. I've seen people in their eighties who can run most teenagers into the ground. And I've seen teenagers who have already reached a cumulative point in life. It's not age that counts; it is the mind."

These are 100% true words of wisdom

If you've decided to jump in and give bodybuilding a try, you have made a very intelligent decision, one that could literally change your life condition and improve your personal power on many different levels

Drop me a line if you have questions

Peace & Blessings

#4 Get your family & friends involved in your mission, you're going to need their support anyway ...after all, you don't want someone showing up with a bag of doughnuts when it isn't your official 'cheat day'

...AND don't forget to celebrate after each positive activity you accomplish.

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