Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY

Personal Empowerment Is The Door To Success ...STEP UP AND TURN THE KEY



A daily yap session with your inner-circle
is important for your well-being.
Such talks are actually essential
for your emotional growth and mental health

needs someone
to talk to

According to Jean Baker Miller MD, who co-wrote The Healing Connection, concluded that not having at least one close friend can contribute to psychological dysfunction.
"Those who didn't have at least one confidante showed the same decline in physical functioning and vitality as heavy smokers and the most severely overweight"
Eating and sleeping disorders, anxiety and certain kinds of depression - all can result from chronic disconnection brought about by feelings of isolation, loneliness and un-productiveness.

You can also add unhealthy aging to that list. One of the findings from the Nurses Health Study - an ongoing investigation of more than 100,000 nurses since 1976 - revealed that among the oldest woman. Those who didn't have at least one confidante showed the same decline in physical functioning and vitality as heavy smokers and the most severely overweight. Conversely, the more friends a man or woman had, the better shape he or she was in.

"Although the research suggests it's the quality of the relationship that counts," says lead researcher Yvonne L. Michael. She explains that close friendships "provides a buffer for stressful living that is likely to play out through your immune and endocrine systems, allowing you to age healthier." In Michael's opinion, having strong connections is just as important for health as exercise ...hitting the gym is very important, and as you can see there's much more to being fit and healthy than riding the stationary bike, working with weights or doing a Pilates class

...OK Group Hug

Here's a new feature The YIN/YANG THANG

...and even if you're NOT into the martial arts, I think you will agree, knowing the underlaying principle is handy, empowering stuff on

The The Yin/Yang Thang

Enlightening facts, oddities and Aha moments that I have learned from various Martial Art masters during my many travels learning and teaching around the world.


...No it's not one of those unsolvable riddles (Koans), this simply means, when you are learning something new, most people tend to use more muscle energy, than what is required to get the job done.

For example: When you concentrate really hard for say a punch or a press, your shoulders tend to rise up and your chin juts out ...and what also tends to happen is your butt juts out as your body naturally adjusts for better equilibrium. This is not ideal for speed, endurance and combination of more movements.

My Recommendations: (1) Be aware of keeping your shoulders down and relaxed at all times by briefly squeezing your Lats. (by the way, a raised shoulder can be used in a combat situation but this isn't what we are addressing here).

(2) Keep the back of your neck 'raising' (elongating).

(3) Keep your butt 'curled under' by holding (a very small amount of) tension in your tanden (the 'center' of your body - located, approx three finger widths down from your belly-button and four inches in ...ideally, this is where the signal from your brain go's to, when you want to move your body in any way ...this is one of the skills you are learning by training in the martial arts, this will allow you to move fast with the least amount of effort.

The secret is to be able to 'feel' your structural alignment as you move (flow), so you can be springy yet, relaxed (aware) under any kind of pressure.


#7 Put pain and discomfort in perspective

When deciding to increase your fitness levels, you are going to endure some level of physical and mental anguish, especially if you are just starting out in the fitness lifestyle. When you perform any exercise that requires you to operate outside your comfort zone, your body is going to sound the discomfort alarm as your neurons shout for reinforcements to help out with the extra loads on your already poorly functioning bodily systems. In reality you're just gonna have to grin and bear it.

Taking a sauna or having a jacuzzi will help with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

It usually takes about a month to break through to where - what is painful and uncomfortable at this time, turns into feelings of positive productivity and pleasure.

A quick word of caution concerning pain:

There are two kinds of pain that if you feel, means you should stop what you are doing immediately, they are: a sharp stabbing or a ripping pain. Any other kind of pain usually means your body is just recommending you go lay back on the couch and resume your usual mode of excitement, that's not an option right? just turn down that sub-conscious voice and turn up your resolve to achieve your (hopefully, written out) short term goal.

'till next time, thank you for your visit

Respect yourself & dis-cover



I don't believe in
any of this CRAP..!

By the way...


She's one determined lady
she lays on the floor
with a pair of pliers to get these on

...I'm sure she's a lovely person



What the..?

Hey Dufuss ..Don't do that..!
...and what's all that crap doing in your fridge?


If you're just starting out with this 'new' health and fitness type lifestyle, and you find learning to encompass all these at once, you can just try just one tip per week.

For those who want to use 100% of their potential, implement all seven as of now..!
Overeating (food addiction) is just part of the health and fitness problem in America.
It's only by your continued, daily awareness, that your success in your goal of getting fit and healthy can be guaranteed.

Each of the following tips illustrates a daily HABIT that I've noticed, often causes a person to sabotage their 'health and fitness'.dreams.

Follow each of these little gems and they'll pay huge dividends for you, your family and your friends.

1. Stop mindlessly throwing food down your throat.
When you eat, just eat ...don't do anything else at the same time, no TV, no conversation, no sitting on the toilet of my Clients told me that this was the only time, she had time!
...I don't recommend it.

2. Practice portion control. A good way to tackle this issue is to simple buy smaller plates, and try not to pile food up on your plate! Being aware of what you are learning to do here, will also help you know when to stop!

3. Eat slowly. I know, I know..! ...when you are really hungry it's very hard to do, but if you don't allow yourself to get that hungry in the first place, you can take time and chew everything slowly, then you'll be less likely to overeat ...and really try to taste and feel the texture as you enjoy your food.

4. If you don't like it, don't eat it. I know that sounds impractical for some, but we tend to just eat whatever is in front of us, whenever it is there, especially if it was cooked and prepared by a loved one. And of course, if they really love you, they'll understand what you are learning to do here ...and by the way if you don't like oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, there are other healthy alternatives (we'll be covering this subject soon. P.)

5. Switch it up. Don't eat the same thing every week ...yea, I know this is a way of staying in control, but variety is the spice of life, and trying new things is good for your digestion and your spirit.

6. Eat more fresh organic food. I know it takes more organizing and costs more, sure you can live off of packaged foods that are jacked up to the hilt with artificial junk, but we're not interested in just surviving, we are all about thriving. You'll also keep your sodium levels in check too (bloating anyone!)

7. Support your greatness, and don't park close to the store. I know everyone wants the "prime" parking places, but take the opportunity to walk-off some extra calories (especially coming back). The extra few hundred feet to and from the store mount up over say, a month. and besides you don't want to park with all those fat people anyway. Do ya..?

<-- fast -- metabolism -- slow -->



The 'ideal nobleman' if he had been sculpted today

The 7 Tips are extremely powerful if you use them everyday.

You can also choose not to use them, it just means you're not using 100% of your potential and don't mind waiting to start enjoying your new Fit & Healthy body, and all the benefits that go with it.

I'll leave you with just one more thing ...yes you guessed it


here it is ...#5



The The Yin/Yang Thang

Enlightening facts and oddities that I have learned from various Martial Art masters during my many travels around the world.


#5 Ask yourself 'Where are my friends'

...four words, that describe four reasons why you should ask,

Motivation, Inspiration, Determination, Conversation.

If you haven't already ...surround yourself with friends who think positively and who support and encourage your greatness one hundred percent.

'till next time, thank you for your visit

Respect yourself & dis-cover





but for some this is


* Learning HOW to build a lean, athletic body, with just the right amount of muscle that anyone of any age would admire is what most inquiring, potential Clients desire.

I realize not everyone is interested in bodybuilding. In fact, some people are turned off by it. Can't blame them, I suppose. - Bodybuilding at the competition level - is freaky.
When you see a very developed physic that's all shaved and shiny Yes! it sure ain't 'normal' looking or 'feeling' to the touch ...or to the owner ...BUT that's the idea!
The discipline
required borders on crazy, self-sacrifice and you could even say
that the 'whole thing'
is somewhat of an odd subculture.

This amazing woman's development

was no accident

This takes a lifestyle dedication

However, "
body building" does not necessarily mean getting oiled up, pumped up and posing onstage in front of a crowd. Bodybuilding is a chosen lifestyle, not a competition.

I do believe that competition serves an important purpose... It's a
tool to bring out the best in you... but the competition side of bodybuilding is not required to reap all the benefits.

The minute you pick up a weight and lift it, you are "building your body", increasing your lean body mass.
You have taken
the first step towards turning back the age clock... and that makes you a "body builder."

I cannot stress how much of an impact this can make on your life!

Most exercise physiologists agree that strength training can give
you a 10 year drop in your biological age - minimum!
Nothing else can guarantee you such a dramatic reversal in the effects of aging... and notice that I didn't say "delay" or "reduction" in the effects of aging ...notice I said "REVERSAL!"

Look and see for yourself some of the scientifically- verifiable benefits of strength training:

* Increased strength

* Increased lean muscle mass

* Increased resting metabolic rate

* Decreased
Body Fat
* Improved insulin sensitivity

* Reduced risk of diabetes

* Increased HDL cholesterol

* Increased bone density

* Increased natural growth hormone
* Increased natural testosterone
* Improved psychological well-being and self-esteem

nd this just a partial list.

When you combine a strength training program with just the right amount of cardiovascular training, add a supportive nutrition program and have the right mental attitude, you can totally transform your life.

Even the mass media is now saying,
"50 is the new 30".

From what I see in and around the gyms and health food stores, 70 is the new 30!

Mark my words, it won't be long before muscles, six pack abs and optimal health at age 80 will be commonplace and 120-130 year life spans will be the norm for those who understand the truth and practice it ...and the truth is not found in drugs, pills, injections or "anti aging clinics", it's found in the gym - STRUCTURED STRENGTH and CARDIO WORKOUTS

Let me close this section with the words of Dr. Judd Biasiotto, one of my favorite inspirational writers, a sports psychologist, legendary powerlifter and a man who won the Natural National body building championships at the age of 50:

"I hate this thing we call age.
You're too young for this, or you're
too old for that.
We are governed by this thing called age. It's crazy.
We have these primitive, categorical notions about people who are in their teens or over 40.
People are treated as if they are
prehistoric creatures. Worse yet, many people that age, act like they are prehistoric. When they hit their 70's, they think they are dead. It's sick. How many times have you heard someone say, "I'm too old to get in shape? I'm over the hill." Who says? Try getting in shape just once and see how you feel. Age is nothing more than a number. I've seen people in their eighties who can run most teenagers into the ground. And I've seen teenagers who have already reached a cumulative point in life. It's not age that counts; it is the mind."

These are 100% true words of wisdom

If you've decided to jump in and give bodybuilding a try, you have made a very intelligent decision, one that could literally change your life condition and improve your personal power on many different levels

Drop me a line if you have questions

Peace & Blessings

#4 Get your family & friends involved in your mission, you're going to need their support anyway ...after all, you don't want someone showing up with a bag of doughnuts when it isn't your official 'cheat day'

...AND don't forget to celebrate after each positive activity you accomplish.





The good news
If you've already read some of the previous articles here on this blog and you absorb today's 'TOOLBOX TIP' you have already begun to implement The Success PrinciplesTM recommended by Pete the Trainer into your day to day activities,


As your Personal Trainer, let me give a few words of wisdom:

You've gotta always
remember the MAIN guiding principle
here it is:

Learn How To Get Organized!

OK well, duh..! That's an obvious statement you may be thinking!

...and you're absolutely correct.

The weird thing though...

I have a bunch of people
(who say they want to get in shape) tell me up front, they don't need lessons ...'cos they already know all about getting organized ...and doing exercises ...eating the 'good stuff', avoiding the 'bad stuff' and drinking lots of water 'cos, they've been doing this kind of thing for most of their life ...and then they usually reinforce their knowing point of view with something like... "after-all, that's why I got a membership in the first place"

... and a common quip I hear,

"...besides I can't afford Personal Training 'cos it's too expensive".

What this tells me is, they JUST THINK THEY ARE ORGANIZED.

In reality and based on results, they are suffering from the common ailment known as Cranus Anus.
This delusional dis-ease is brought on by (sometimes years) of Stinkin' Thinkin'.
For some it's brought on by shear over-thinking non-thinking (analysis paralysis).

What's that old saying...The customer is always right!

...know what?'s 100% TRUE!

In the gym (if I'm not working out with someone) I'll happily answer peoples questions and politely smile while listening to their favorite injury story...

but, as a busy and successful, professional Personal Trainer

"I don't work with

I work with Clients ...My business is based on a Clientele!

I work with people who WANT to go beyond 'the normal people' you see in your average mall.

Just realize that if you come up to me in the gym or anywhere else and engage me in a conversation only to tell me you don't need lessons ...and your physic looks like a polythene bag of warm rice pudding, I'm going to change the subject, or politely but promptly, excuse myself..!

"I've spent a lifetime observing what works, and what doesn't"

I'm in the business of watching people's actions AND noticing details
...sometimes slight but important details.

I've noticed, the average person is average, everything about them is well... average,
all they really want is to be comfortable and become better at being average ...I don't work with Customers I've just mentioned ...and I certainly don't work with Customers who want average results.
For these good average people, there are many other trainers that don't charge my kind of fee and they can chat away these people's time and money much better than I can ...a mild 'workout glow' is achieved ...and the Customer is happy ...and shows up the same time next week to do it all over again.

'I CAN'T WORK in that mode ...
sorry it's just not MY WAY'

If you don't look good, then I don't look good!

You may recall from a previous article:

My method is about "safely creating the MOST results for the LEAST amount of time & effort" ...PERIOD!

If you want to achieve the kind of results you see in the pictures above,
~YOU need to show up on time, every time with YOUR burning passion switched on and ready to focus.

~YOU need to be willing to do whatever it takes AND not give up.

~You need to be willing to dig down deep inside and face your personal demons.

~You need to be willing to be uncomfortable (at least in the beginning).

~You need to be willing to become

~You need to be willing to let go of the limiting beliefs

~You need to follow MY GROUND-RULES (see elsewhere on this Blog)


I don't work with AVERAGE Customer type people

No I'm NOT some kind of snob, I'm a realist ...and I'll be professionally honest where I need to be.

My Clients are ABOVE average in their own unique AND special way

Most have already tasted success in other endeavors their business and personal life. They've already tested their courage, they already have, a high level of aptitude when it comes down to personal accountability and implementation of learned skills.

They were that way before I met them.

They were that way before I started to teach them how to begin molding their bodies to create their foundation of health & fitness and go on to create fantastic results.

They were that way before I started to coach them in the art of turning on their positive mind-set to take their life to the next level.

They were that way before I started showing them the professional techniques to unlock and rediscover their hidden personal power and confidence, so they could bring the kind of focus and control required to get the job done more efficiently.

"Success is a seed that's been there all along, you can nurture it or you can neglect it.
In life you always have two choices"

Before I wrap up today's post and leave you with
today's TOOLBOX TIP,

let me say this,

If YOU think doing a few sweaty exercises a couple of times a week, drinking daily protein shakes and cutting out a few 'fattening foods' is going to get you in six-pack shape,

I'm sorry to burst your BUBBLE but, (no pun intended)



Taken from 14 TIPS FOR STARTING and STICKING WITH IT you don't fail before it all starts to look real good
according to PETEtheTRAINER

For some of us out there, if we could just convince ourselves that there IS enough time in the day to exercise, we could be on track and reaping huge rewards from a professionally designed fitness program. For others ...we get started, but quickly lose momentum, and give up.

If these 2 scenarios sound familiar, here's help to rekindle your fighting spirit and stay on track.
Each of The 14 EMPOWERING Start and Stick TIPS are tried and true, practical success generating gems, to help you get your share of the good life.

Here's your first TOOLBOX TIP in our new feature series

. Throw away that outfit you wore in high school, and the memory of it too.
It's normal to have a mental image of yourself when you last exercised right! But, if that image is from high school you could be in big trouble ...even if it's from last year, FORGET IT!
Remember as little as possible of what you use to look like. START TODAY, make NEW memories.

TIP #2's coming NEXT TIME on

Keep you questions coming
Please keep them short and to the point
I'll post some of them soon.




Wanna get a great start to your day?
Fresh Cold Drinking Water Is Key

As soon as your eyes flicker open each morning your sub-conscious mind
asks you
2 questions...

1 ) Are we getting more alive, or more dead today?
2) What are we doing about the body-fat ...making more, or are we releasing some?

Whether you are aware of this phenomina or not, this has been happening every day of your life ever since day one. It's the level of awareness of these, and other questions (that contiuously stream from your sub-conscious mind as it goes about it's 2 responsibilities, namely to take notes and be right and to keep you alive to propagate the species) that denotes your personal level of health & fitness physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This is what happens

When you wake in the morning you are naturally dehydrated, especially if you are one of my Clients and you're following The Personal Training Start Right CHECKLISTTM meaning, you're Strength training 3 times per week, and doing your daily Cardio Program.

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of correct hydration. Consuming the correct quota of water helps your workout energy levels rise and helpsguarantee the results you are working hard to achieve. For those that are Clients, you know I recommend 96 fluid ounces of fresh drinking water every day, that's six 16oz servings.

Now... don't forget, 'The OVER-WHELM RULE' you may recall, this means don't do anything that causes you SHOCK, GUILT, SHAME or BLAME ..!
As with anything involved with any of my programs, it's very important to introduce 'new to you' things at your pace. Doing anything that causes major stress, especially when you're just starting your new health & Fitness journey is counter productive. For some, just thinking of drinking 96oz of water in one day blows them clean out of the water (no pun intended).

You may also recall from your copy of The CHECKLISTTM there is other important element that will greatly help deliver the fast success you want, and it works extremely well, when your water intake is at the correct level, and that is (Complete) Protein.

Understanding, correct timing and quantity, of your water and protein intake, complemented by Progressive Growth Stimulation (Strength Exercise) plus Recuperation (adiquate rest & proper nourishment) is what will form the foundation of your results.

You can start to introduce correct hydration and protein into your personal Health & Fitness Program like this:

The Start Your Day Right Formula

As soon as you get up in the morning, drink 16oz of cold drinking water, wait 30 mins (at this time your body will naturally want to visit the bathroom) 30 mins after your 16oz of cold drinking water ...make a Whey protein shake (usually 2 scoops w/ 16oz cold water). Drink your shake and take your multi-vitamin/mineral ...and any other nutrient such as flax seed, Ginkgo, MSM, Alpha-Lipoic-Acid, CoQ10 etc.

Referr to the EAT CLEAN DIET by Tosca Reno for complete list.

So you've created a GREAT START to your day
...and that's 32ozs of your water 'in'
and just 64 to go...

Give it a try, if your not already, and after 30 days you'll wonder how you ever did it any other way.

As always, if you need clarification or you have questions,
drop me a line, I'm always happy to help.




...Have you been to the Mall lately

Slip ya pants on and go take a look

Seen what
years of eating all that fast food that they sell
down there actually looks like on every day people?

Of course most of these good Americans know that 'something important ain't working' within their bodies 'cos underneath all that suger & pill stimulation is a whole lot of pain, confusion, anger and reactive deadly issues that they don't wanna deal with ...and everybody seems to be complaining and whining

...It is weird to me, that people think this is normal..!

This is Low Life Addiction!

...SO THEY GOT PAIN !!! ...they go to the doctor and... THE SLIPPERY SLOPE GETS STEEPER ...all these 'Mall' people struggling just to walk and breath 'normal' . they can get to their NEXT fix of self gratification and emotional denial.

We know these people ain't gonna start changing ANYTHING type of exercise, nutrition program or flexibility routine until they are on death's doorstep - Based on results!

What a strange way
to grow a nation

What a shame..!

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CAUTION: It's always a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program or making changes to your nutrition routine


Anti-inflammatory food IS KEYto BODY-SHAPING SUCCESS. - DID YOU KNOW: There are actually 'foods' that inflame your intestines and arteries (can you say HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART ATTACK, DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS and DIABETES, 3 times?). STOP this madness. Read how to NOT be a victim of this very common situation.

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